There are some works to see in some works to hear and some works to read; some works to hear in some works to see and some works to read; works to read in works to see and works to hear. Also: seeing, listening and reading any of this is not ideal on a phone.


Combined National Anthems exhibited at Galerie 3,14 on the Parabol, curated by Lydgalleriet (June 2019)

Language that Binds or Isolates or To Think in Dialogue, an artist book presented at Hildelund Art Festival 2019 (July 2019)

Great Socks, Bad Vibes, joint exhibition in Rom61, KMD (August 2019)

Currently working on:

As Ghosts Speak three-part workshop at Bergen Assembly as part of TEXSTgroup (Sep-Nov)

I’m Interrupted When I Talk To You, By The Fact That You’re Actually There – guest curator for IN THE LIBRARY 14 (November 13th)

Digital Narrative Network