Oblong (Kuršiu Marios) [charcoal on ice 290 x 149cm] 2014

Charcoal was made, powdered, and sifted onto the frozen Curonian Lagoon, during my residency at Nida Art Colony, Lithuania. On the install day during misty weather, the velvety-black charcoal sat on top of the undulating ice. By day three the sun caused the charcoal to absorb more sunlight and ice below to melt, followed by a freezing night when it re-froze flat. The charcoal then sank and was suspended in ice about an inch below the surface. The rectangle soon dropped out leaving a pool of water before all the ice completely melted. All that remains of the original drawing is photo-documentation. Video of the process by Natascha Paganelli here.

     photo [day one]: N. Paganelli 
     photo [day 9]: N Paganelli 
     photo [day 10]: L Lax