Vexillum II
triptych: silk with appliqué on both sides and marbling on one side, rope, toggles, 180 x 90cm each (2015)

Bespoke flags which replaced the usual Royal West of England Academy insignia (Union Jack, St. George's Cross & Royal West of England Academy's logo) for two months. Developed on my residency during the exhibition Drawn, in which I proposed to design the art gallery some new flags.

Images: (1) installation view; (2) close up; (3) close up; (4) 150 flag designs, 2 inches wide each, graphite on paper; (5) flag raising ceremony invitation; (6) the permanent flags, temporarily displaced by mine for two months during the exhibition 'Drawn'



marbled side

150 flag designs (2x2" each)

invite to the launch

the displaced flags