Can you hear what I think as I read while I speak?
Audio guide system (six channels), exhibited in ‘Friday 13th’ (master graduation show), curated by Ingrid Erstad, Bergen Kunsthall (April 2018)

The audio is me reading a script developed from transcribed interviews with twenty five of my classmates. The audio in each of the six gallery rooms refers to conversations between the artists who were exhibiting in those rooms and myself. An algorithm was made on visual programming software PurrData to randomise the order of the script and to apply a new pitch each time, from six Raspberry Pi computers (one for each of the gallery rooms: 'I'-'V' + 'Upstairs'). The audio was transmitted from the Raspberry Pis via an audio guide system using radio frequencies to 24 headsets, which were installed onto Bergen Kunsthall's reception. Any listeners tuned into the same gallery channel would receive the same audio at the same time (potentially allowing them to share this audio experience). Copies of the script were also available on reception for those hard of hearing (see images below).

With thanks to my classmates for the conversations, to Ricardo Atienza and Mattias Arvastsson for technical help, and to the professors at UiB for their support.

Excerpts (7min each approx.):

Gallery I

Gallery II

Gallery III

Gallery IV

Gallery V


(images of the audio guide on the soundcloud links are by Thor Brødreskift)

Images: (1) front page of the script publication, A4, perfect bound, ed. 5; (2) Stein-Inge Århus modelling the audio guide

     photo: Thor Brødreskift